For Children and Youth

During the school year, our youth leaders organize clubs for students of all ages:

  • 4H club and Bible class for elementary students
  • Life skills and Bible classes for middle school students; girls with Ms Darlene and guys with “Mr. T.” with occasional joint classes. 
  • Teen club with Mr. T. for basketball, an inspirational message and pizza.
  • Movie night for children and their parents, twice a month, complete with popcorn.
  • There are also pickup basketball games many Fridays.
  • And continuous quiet one-on-one support and mentoring that Crossroads’ staff provide to children and youth that are going through struggles.

Mr. T. observed, “I get the feeling that Crossroads is like a hospital ward for youth. Our teaching and support is like an IV – giving them energy and the strength to resist the bad stuff in the society around them.”