For Families

Food Program

Crossroads is a point of distribution for Philabundance, the supplemental food program in Philadelphia.  Sandra Marrero passes out 120+ boxes a month.  We also have a food pantry for emergency food support when seniors run low on food.  MCC food bags also provide an additional resource along with canned meat.  One elderly neighbor said, “Sandra is our Madrina/Godmother!  When we are short of food, she helps us out.”

Sewing Classes

Miss Darlene has been hosting neighborhood women to teach sewing, help them complete their sewing projects, and provide a place where they can share skills with each other.  It is also a time for them to share their burdens with each other and support each other. 

Emergency Home Repair

Though this is not an established program, at times Crossroads helps a low-income homeowner make critical repairs to keep their home livable.  This happened in January with our next-door neighbor whose pipes had frozen.